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Thu 2nd May 2019 - 10:36pm General

We are going to be looking for possible additions for the website, such as article writers and bloggers. As we try to develop into a completely whole-some entertainment organization, we are going to be needing to have a group of dedicated members who will be there to inform our fans on current events and future plans of our ever expanding sections. 

We plan to delve into photography and videography departments, vlog creators with endless opportunities to envelop the desire of spreading the team image into more than just the gaming community. Slowly but surely, its a work in progress. We have our own issues within the team to sort out, such as what direction do we want to take our roster in the wake of the Call of Duty community shifting to more of a broadcasting nature and montage-making on a severe decline. We also need to reach the drawing board on what to do with our montage-making roster. We have been working diligently to increase our presence on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitch, and reviving our stagnant Twitter presence.

Hard work from leads such as 8Ts and Nyvi have really made the presence felt, as now Orbit nets an average of 60,000-80,000 social media interactions on a monthly basis on Twitter alone, not including the possible traffic we can generate if the other SMP (social media platforms) were used to gravitate that presence. It is a drastic improvement from what Orbit has been doing in the last two years.

Following this shift in plans that the team has set, we will be putting out our feelers to possible new additions to management to help us with this expansion to more media entertainment outlets. From possible vloggers promoting the Orbit image to having our own team of Orbit-branded photography parcels for use, we plan to come full-circle and become a multi-media juggernaut. 

For most people who asked why not take the eSports route, its narrowed down to a few snags along the way. The biggest (and this is an understatement) is the correlation with Orbit eSports became an industry juggernaut, with OrbitClan even in a working relationship with GG for a small time before. For us to begin a name in the eSports industry, we would have to rebrand into something completely new and it's just not an avenue we want to take to build Orbit(Clan) into a juggernaut of our own. So instead, we want to take what we've always been known for, and expand into a different avenue than other organizations and build a multi-media giant.

Once plans are set, we will be updating our fans on our search of these expanding divisions and we will be looking for the best. #OurGalaxy




           Author: Orbit Steph



Stephen Collazo

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