Orbit (known at the time as JoinTheOrbit) was founded in 2012 by Nathan 'BILLYG' Sheridan. From 2012 onward, with a new set of ownership and "BILLYG" taking a advisory role, Orbit had expanded to multiple social media platforms and built a strong and devoted fanbase, through its ups and its downs. What began as a group of friends showcasing their Call of Duty skills on YouTube back in 2012, Orbit is recognized as one of the most recognizable brands in the fields of content production and broadcasting. With a thriving social media following in the almost-hundred thousand range, and with a colorful roster reaching out on countless different platforms, Orbit strives to be the benchmark of what an old dog can still hang with the new guys on the block. We are still here and we will continue to be that legendary organization from a time long ago, still providing excellent quality only the way we know how. #OurGalaxy